Imagine Martin's Mission Statement

Imagine Martin mission is to be a beacon for artistic endeavors in Martin County.  By assisting individuals, groups and fellow nonprofits in the creation and promotion of visual & performing arts. We are dedicated to developing new points of interest, creating unique events and promoting artists and entertainers coming to or from within our community.

Why the nonprofit Imagine Martin was formed.

While producing “Going Hog Wild in Martin County” it became apparent that forming a nonprofit would not only enable us to further the GHW project. It would enable us to develop, support & promote additional artistic projects throughout Martin County. The nonprofit “Imagine Martin” was formed to work with artists, visionaries and other nonprofits to make their and our projects a reality.

Imagine Martin's Projects

Click on any fliers or photos below to learn about each of the Imagine Martin project!  New projects will be added as completed! 

Imagine Martin's First Project  "Going Hog Wild in Martin County" Developed to spotlight our businesses & organizations, featuring our local artists and honoring our pork industry! Partnering with 100+ businesses and organization made this project a success!  

Partnering with Fairmont's downtown businesses, Imagine Martin created a interactive mural designed to highlight the points of interest, and the dining & shopping options found downtown!

Imagine Martin is proud to have worked with individuals, organizations and fellow nonprofits as a

sponsor or co-sponsor to the following events & activities!

Imagine Martin partnered with a local business to feature Fairmont only Street Piano.

Partnering with their businesses, Imagine Martin created  a website for Downtown Fairmont