Imagine Martin's media productions share those inspired to create!

The pilot episode of Imagine Martin on TV scheduled for release in March.

Imagine Martin is excited to present "Imagine Martin on TV" with hosts Jeff Sauer and Alexandra Hurney. Filmed at the IM Hub and aired on Midco Channel 12 in Fairmont and on the Hub's televisions. 

With plans to make Imagine Martin on TV a series our hosts will share interviews with local artists, musicians and people who have interesting collections & hobbies. To keep the public abreast of what's happening artistically throughout Martin County. Imagine Martin on TV will also share stories about local art venues and activities/events taking place throughout Martin County.

Check out the show opener to Imagine Martin on TV! The pilot episode is scheduled for release in March of 2024.

Imagine Martin on TV studio set is located at Imagine Martin Community Information Hub & Gift Shop.

On our pilot episode you will see highlights form a interview done with two outstanding artists from Martin County on a segment we call Artful Conversations!

Imagine Martin on TV has an additional studio set were in-depth interviews are filmed with artists & art venues from throughout Martin County! 

In conjunction with our TV Show look for "Imagine Martin on the Radio" with Jeff Rouse. Details coming soon!.

Also in conjunction with our TV Show look for "Imagine Martin in Print" with Vicki Beckendorf. Details coming soon!.