Because of the success of Imagine Martin first project "Going Hog Wild in Martin County" citizens from throughout Martin County have asked us if we could assist them in developing & promoting additional points of interests , music/artistic events and artistic activities . Imagine Martin has began putting together committees that will address these requests.

Imagine Martin Committees

Artistic Endeavors for Martin

This committee of local artists objective is enhance the look of the communities of Martin County  by facilitating art projects (murals, paintings & signage) specifically designed for a business and our community.  

 The Happenings of Martin

This committee of artists & visionaries are task to develop new events and activities. As well as assisting in the promote of existing events and activities in our county!

The Sounds of Martin

This committee, made up of a group of local musicians & music fans work to support and promote local  musicians and those coming to our community!

If you an artist & visionary who would like to assist us in making the Imagine Martin projects a reality contact us at:

Imagine Martin is already engaged in events and activities that further the cause to enlighten and encourage artistic vision.

Producing &  distributing phase three of  "Going Hog Wild"  throughout the county!

IMAGINE MARTIN's first project: "Going Hog Wild in Martin County". Developed to share what makes our county a great place to call home by spotlighting our businesses & organizations, featuring our local artists and honoring our pork industry through multiple concrete hog statues as an attraction for tourists, visitors and the citizens of our community

Holding a series of events introducing the new statues that will become part of  the GHW project!

Click here to see all the unveiling events  scheduled.

Plans are being made to hold a community painting party!

This activity will be held at the Red Rock Center for the Arts! Led by Imagine Martin Board Members/artists Nancy Katzer & Ashley Jensen Haake.  Look for details and the date for this activity in the near future! 

The first in what we hope is a series of bus & walking tours!  (click on flyer for details)

A upgrade of the Downtown's Interactive Mural has been scheduled for late spring!

This mural designed by Denise Rouse, artwork by Kim Koppen is scheduled for a complete upgrade. Imagine Martin's upgrade will now features additional downtown Fairmont businesses & organizations, all the  food &  drink options found downtown, points of interest found downtown and a  map showing the locations of each!

Plans are underway to produce a promotional music video!

Imagine Martin's first music video will feature local singers doing a parody of a well know song rewritten to highlight businesses & points of interest located downtown Fairmont! Click on this logo to watch this unique music video!

Production has begun for Imagine Martin's TV Show featuring  our art community!

Imagine Martin's television series will be filmed at Our Story Studios & on locations throughout Martin County. Every other month hosts interview guest artist or musical performer, report on what's happening at local art venues and shares photos of artwork done by a local artist. Each episode will be aired on "Martin County on TV" is airing daily 9 AM & PM on Midco Channel 12 in Fairmont. Each episode will also be posted on the Martin County on TV Facebook page and You Tube channel. Click on this logo to see all the episodes as they are released!