Partnering with the towns, organization & businesses of Martin County Imagine Martin is making plans to open a Community Information Hub & Gift Shop.

There is an undeniable charm in small towns, where historic structures stand as tributes to those who came before, catering to the needs of the community through various shopping and service establishments. In these quaint setting, both citizens and visitors exchange friendly greetings. However, the challenge for small towns lies in ensuring that tourists and visitors are well-informed about the points of interest they might wish to explore, the evens and activities they can participate in, as well as the available services, shopping, and dining options.

Addressing this need, the non-profit organization Imagine Martin is thrilled to introduce a community information hub & gift shop conveniently located at the Imagine Martin building, situated at 103 W 1st Street in downtown Fairmont. The towns of Martin County and numerous organization logos will be prominently featured at the entrance. Citizens and visitors will have 24-hour access to 60 brochure boxes for printed information to Martin County's points of interest, upcoming events and activities, as well as options for lodging, dinning, shopping! The hub will also include two large-screen TV's airing local programing that show videos about Martin County 12-hour a day. Complementing the information hub you will find a gift shop offering both citizens and visitors a chance to purchase gifts, collectibles, and apparel representing various towns and organizations across Martin County.

Look for more details soon, click on the hub photos to enlarge!